Upcoming matches

The Kernow Cup
Tuesday 30th May 13:45 Porthills v Tayto N Clarkin T Beim D Geddes
15:00 Hascombe Stud v La Quinta M Hutchinson D Allen S Hutchinson
Wednesday 31st May 15:00 Porthills v La Quinta C West M Baldwin E Williams
16:00 Beaufort v Shibumi T Fox D Allen O Jones
Friday 2nd June 15:00 1st League 1 v 2nd League 2 TBC TBC TBC
16:15 2nd League 1 v 1st League 2 TBC TBC TBC
17:30 3rd League 1 v 3rd League 2 TBC TBC TBC
Saturday 3rd June 14:30 Winner Semi A v Winner Semi B TBC TBC TBC
15:45 4th League 2 v Winner Sub-Semi TBC TBC TBC

Recent Results

Sunday 28th May La Ema Polo Mallet 1 Balaclava v Beaufort 5
La Ema Polo Mallet 4.5 Los Chinos v Silvertown 8
La Ema Polo Mallet 3 Apache v Walker Construction/La Quinta 4
 Saturday 27th May  La Ema Polo Mallet Apache  Los Chinos   4
La Ema Polo Mallet 6 Silvertown v Walker Construction/La Quinta 1
Thursday 25th May The Kernow Cup 5 Shibumi v Vampire Bats 2
Tuesday 23rd May The Kernow Cup 4 Hascombe Stud v Tayto 3
The Kernow Cup 3 Beaufort v Vampire Bats 6
Sun 21st May La Ema Polo Mallet 6 Apache v Beaufort 3
La Ema Polo Mallet 7 Balaclava  v Silvertown 6
Fri 19th May La Ema Polo Mallet 6 Los Chinos v Beaufort 4 1/2
La Ema Polo Mallet 3 Balaclava v Walker Construction/La Quinta 5
Sat 14th May The Badminton Cup 4 Strategic v La Quinta 8
The Badminton Cup 3 Tayto v Lodge Service 5
Sat 13th May The Badminton Cup 3 La Quinta v Lodge service 6
Fri 12th May Tha Badminton Cup 6 Tayto v Strategic 7
Tues 9th May  The Badminton Cup 4 Lodge Service  v Strategic
 Tues 9th May  The Badminton Cup Tayto v La Quinta 6