WIP Ladies 8 Goal

League 1
Beaufort Rose
Chicks with Sticks
Smiths Polo

WIP Ladies 8 Goal Tournament (8)

Date Time Team Score Score Team Umpire Umpire Ref Ground
League Game
Sun 11th July11:30amChicks with Sticks4v4SilverwoodSeb Testa DameleTBCGary AitchisonRoadside
Wed 14th July3:00pmBeaufort Rose6v2.5Chicks with SticksOllie JonesJemima WalkerGary AitchisonRoadside
Fri 16th July11:00amSmiths Polo3.5v2Beaufort RoseOllie JonesTBCGary AitchisonBoundary
Sat 17th July12:30pmSilverwood1.5v8Smiths PoloTom ColliePhilippa Denison DaviesGary AitchisonRoadside
Sun 18th July3:00pmSmiths Polo4.5v4Beaufort RoseTBCLucy MclaughlinGary AitchisonNumber 2
4:30pmChicks with Sticks6v1.5SilverwoodSeb ChialvoIda ThorGary AitchisonNumber 2
First Colours: Orange
Second Colours: TBC
1. Charlotte Innes1
2. Tilly Bruce1
3. Hayley Hyde-Andrews2
BK. Lucy Keen2
Total Handicap 6
Beaufort Rose
First Colours: Pink
Second Colours: TBC
1. Sol Green0
2. Ida Thor3
3. Tessa Collet3
BK. Philippa Denison Davies2
Total Handicap 8
Chicks with Sticks
First Colours: Multi-Coloured
Second Colours: TBC
1. Bea Schofield0
2. Sienna Burnett3
3. Lucy Mclaughlin3
BK. Jess Hinnaman2
Total Handicap 8
Smiths Polo
First Colours: Pink & Grey/Blue
Second Colours: TBC
1. Bel McLaughlin0
2. Lisa Smith2
3. Jemima Walker3
BK. Kim Croutear2
Total Handicap 7