Playing Membership

Beaufort Polo Club has two clear objectives: to provide good quality polo at all levels and to encourage young British players. 

This growth has been accompanied by success at all levels: Beaufort Pony Club teams win regularly at Cowdray. Beaufort based teams have won the 15 and 12 goal Victor Ludorum trophies more times than any other Club. Beaufort based Hildon won the Cowdray Gold Cup in 2004 and Beaufort based Apes Hill won the Queen’s Cup in 2009. In 2005 Centaurous Beaufort was the first team without an Argentine to qualify for the Argentine Open since 1966.

A full programme of tournaments can be found in the 2020 Fixture List and practice chukkas are played on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Full Members receive a quota of 240 free practice chukkas over the season, with additional chukkas charged at £5 per chukka. 

Non-members are charged £25 per chukka.


*Applies only to Restricted, Unrestricted, 18 – 25 and Student Memberships.

Purchase Playing Membership

Membership Fees 2020

Winter Arena – Chukkas and 50% Discount on Arena Tournament Entry Fees


Restricted – over 25 years old, less than 2 goal handicap and does not sponsor an English player of more than 3 goals, or an OSP of less than 4 goals.



Unrestricted – 2 goals and above or sponsors an English player of more than 3 goals, or an OSP of more than 4 goals.



Age 18 – 25


Student – Between ages 18-25 in full time education. Requires commitment to umpire 20 x 6 goal or lower matches or club matches in the capacity of a second umpire.


2nd Club – This subscription is only available to full members of Guards, RCBPC, Cirencester or Cowdray Polo Clubs. NB – A reduced Patron/Pro combination rate is also available @ £1,500.


Under 18


Limited Chukka Membership – Total of 35 chukkas, thereafter either one of the memberships above, a temporary membership or additional charge per chukka thereafter at the non member rate.


Grooms Chukka Membership – can only play instead of employer when they cannot be present.


Under 13 Membership 


Non Member Chukkas – Per Chukka


Temporary membership – this can be done for up to 6 weeks, and equates to roughly 1/3 per month of the full subscription. For any longer a full subscription must be paid.

Apply to the Polo Office.

Family membership – if 3 or more from the same family are members then there will be a 25% discount off the cheapest subscription (and 25% off the 4th  if applicable).

Apply to the Polo Office.

All ages as of 1st January 2020

*At any point this can be upgraded to full membership and the initial cost used against it

HPA Membership

HPA Subscription fees must be paid prior to playing any tournaments or chukkas at the Beaufort Polo Club

Pay hpa subscription
Membership Type Full U18
Pony Club Only £0 £0
Introductory £20  £10
Day Player Per Day £30 £15
Non-Player £50 £25
    U18 & Students
Chukka / Umpire £100 £50
-2 £160 £80
-1 & 0 £180 £90
1 £200 £100
2 £250 £125
3 £350 £350
4 £450 £450
5 £550 £550
6 £650 £650
7 & Above £750 £750


*A principal place of residence will be the members only home but if they have more than one home it is where they mostly live.

Residence for nine months of the year in a particular country will be treated as sufficient to establish a principal residence in that country.

Terms & Conditions of Tournament Entry & Playing Memberships

Fall Off Fund

Any player who falls off or requires medical assistance while at Beaufort Polo Club is encouraged to donate towards our two Official Charities; the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. They provide vital, life saving services and deserve to be supported. 

If you would like to donate please click the links below: