Meet the Team

The Beaufort Polo School is proud to have such an experienced and friendly team, offering our clients a wealth of knowledge and experience to help give them the best foundations to grow and improve their skills.

Mhairi Gould – Polo School Manager

Ever since graduating from University, Mhairi has been heavily involved in the polo industry. Having grown up riding in Scotland and working on ranches in outback America, Mhairi quickly developed an eye for the sport. Travelling extensively around Europe in her early polo days Mhairi has also been lucky enough to play in New Zealand, South Africa and Barbados and was selected to play for the Scottish team in The Nations Cup last winter at RCBPC. Working in the high goal, producing young polo ponies and previously running Inglesham Polo Centre, Mhairi brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience to BPS. Part of the Beaufort team for the last 3 years under the close tutelage of ex-England captain Luke Tomlinson, Mhairi is an HPA qualified coach and can’t wait to get started with The Beaufort Polo School and their fantastic ponies!

Luke Tomlinson

Luke is a 6 goal professional polo player, playing at the highest level and holds the record as the longest serving England Polo Captain. He has played in the Argentine Open and won major UK trophies including the Queen’s Cup and the Gold Cup. Together with his brother Mark they run the Beaufort Polo Club and shares his time between the UK and Argentina, playing the high goal season.

Luke says,“We are proud to be continuing the work of our mother, from helping players to grow and improve to introducing new people to polo. We will concentrate on all aspects of the game, including horsemanship to ensure everyone gets the most out of this fantastic sport”

Gary Aitchison – Polo Manager

Born in Zimbabwe, Gary grew up in a polo playing family and travelled extensively playing, grooming and making young horses in the USA, UK and Argentina. He played competitively in Zimbabwe, attaining a handicap of 4 goals and representing his country in the 1995 FIP World Cup, the All Africa Tournament and other Internationals. He also held the title of Chief Umpire of the Zimbabwe Polo Association. In 1997 he took a break from polo to run a commercial fishing business and raise his four children, Steph, Stuart, Beani and Kylie with his wife Mez. He returned to polo in 2010 with a handicap of 2 goals, playing a few seasons before leaving Zimbabwe and moving to the UK to pursue a career in Excel/VBA Programming. Gary reconnected with the polo world in 2018, joining Longdole Polo Club as an HPA Qualified Instructor. In 2020 he became the Polo Manager at the Beaufort Polo Club and lends his expertise to the Beaufort Polo School as one of our coaches

Hayley Hyde-Andrews 

Hayley began playing polo at Beaufort with lessons from Claire Tomlinson who ignited Hayley’s passion for the sport. Hayley has enjoyed success in a wide range of equestrianism but polo is her first love.“It’s the thrill of making that perfect shot that makes you want to keep trying to repeat it.“ After a number of years playing, including wining the Women’s National Polo Tournament, Hayley wanted to give something back to the game she’d enjoyed so much and embarked on a coaching programme becoming a qualified HPA and Pony Club coach. Hayley is particularly interested in helping beginners of all ages to find a level where they can enjoy the early stages of playing polo together with improving their riding skills.