Husband V Wives Polo Match – Press Release

Spouses will take to the field for a Husbands V Wives Polo Match at Beaufort Polo Club on the 24th of August at 5.30pm, as a prelude to the Beaufort Paradise Summer Party in the evening at 7pm.

Kiwi John Paul Clarkin at 6 goals will captain the husband’s team, which also includes; Jonny Coddington, George Fox and Nick Wood. JP has captained New Zealand on many occasions as well as The Commonwealth. Jonny (3 goals), another Kiwi, is a familiar face on the English polo scene and plays in several tournaments locally, including at the Beaufort. George is officially retired from polo but still tries once a year to maintain his 1 goal handicap, he says “I am thrilled to be joint patron of the team with Nick and have notified the shirt manufacturers that I am no longer a medium size as I have recently gone up in handicap in that department!”. Nick, a fine Chef in his former life, by his own admission, is pretty poor in the saddle, having never played a game of polo before in his life; his equestrian expertise being limited to the occasional foray onto the hunting field. He says, “I would possibly be better off swinging a soup ladle at the white ball. Thankfully my team mates are loftily talented, including the wily Fox, and of course they fully understand their burden carrying me!”

They will take on the women’s team which includes the formidable Nina Clarkin, best female polo player in the world, her sister Tamara Fox, Lucy Coddington and Emma Wood. They were part of the record-breaking ladies team in 2008 who won arguably two of the most influential 8 Goal tournaments in the UK polo season, against numerous all men teams, The Holden White and The Gerald Balding. Nina has also played alongside her husband in the Hildon Sport Team, with Mark and Luke Tomlinson, winning the Gold Cup in 2008; the first woman to achieve this feat.

The ‘Flying Vet’, Emma Wood, who is hugely competitive, has warned her husband she fully expects to win and ‘T’ Fox is doing her utmost to keep George away from any meaningful practice by keeping herself so busy on the polo field herself that George is left looking after the children – a simple case of a Fox out cunning a Fox! Nina is licking her chops at the prospect of this game, whilst feeling on one hand it will be hilarious, deep down these husbands will be just one more scalp to add to the ever-growing list of her victories. Lucy has fought off some horrendous injuries over the last few years says she is raring to go and whatever the outcome will enjoy the party afterwards.

It has been rumoured that JP has been heard whispering in Nicks ear; “We had better let them win or life will be hell!”…However, the scouts in the know expect a full-on battle of the sexes!

Everyone is welcome to come cheer on the teams and see who will be left doing the dishes! There is no charge to attend the match and members of the public are encouraged to bring picnics to watch the action. The winners of the match will receive prizes from Plusbac, a company focused on beneficial bacteria and probiotics for animal welfare and other areas of life.

Tickets for the Paradise Summer Party are still available, to book your place please contact the Club. Tickets are £70 per person or £700 for a table of 10. RSVPs required before the 13th of August.