Important Update: Protocols for those visiting Down Farm/BPC

In order to ensure the health and safety of our staff, clients and visitors we have introduced some strict protocols for anyone onsite at Down Farm/Beaufort Polo Club. The HPA have released some FAQs to offer guidance to Clubs and members during this time, please read here. They have also detailed Hygiene Advice during this time, please read here.

The Polo Office and Clubhouse are closed for the time being, however, staff where possible are working from home and are available to answer any enquiries either over the phone or via email. Please call 01666 880510 or email should you have any questions. Please note that Down Farm House, Yard and the Kennels Stables are in strict isolation during this time.

Visiting the Club

  • Please do NOT visit the Club/Down Farm unless strictly necessary. Social Members are not allowed to walk their dogs onsite until further notice
  • If you have to visit the Club/Down Farm we ask that you check your temperature prior to arrival and if you are experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus including a fever or a new, continuous cough that you DO NOT enter the premises and follow the NHS guidelines on self isolating (see NHS guidelines here)
  • Wear clean yard/riding clothes and keep these separate from your home clothes and wash both frequently
  • Upon arrival to the Club, please wash your hands using the hand sanitising station available at the entrance to the Club. There are further hand sanitising stations positioned around the yard, please utilise these
  • There is to be no sharing of mate and the use of any communal items such as mugs and cutlery is prohibited – please bring your own
  • Please pay attention to items you may come into contact with and ensure you disinfect any items after use, remembering to wash your hands often and for a minimum of 20 seconds at a time
  • Please keep a sensible distance from other people on site and avoid congregating in small spaces

Riding and Caring for horses 

Under the current Government guidelines the welfare of horses is considered essential, however, there is currently no guidance relating to riding. In order to reduce the burden on the NHS it is sensible to avoid any activities with an increased risk of injury such as fast work, riding a young, fresh or spooky horse. We ask that if you must ride your horses, you do so to maintain their fitness rather than build it in preparation for competitive polo. Please ensure you keep a minimum distance of 2m away from others when mounting, riding and dismounting.

As per the HPA’s latest update, no stick and balling is allowed at HPA Affiliated Clubs until further notice.

We ask that these rules are adhered to in the strictest way and pre- and post contact sanitation and social distancing is imperative. This is for the welfare of all of our staff, clients, visitors, livestock and the local community.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Beaufort Polo Club