The La Ema Polo Mallet 2019

With the polo season in full swing, the La Ema Polo Mallet 4 Goal started with a league game between Old Forge and Balaclava. With the Argentine skills of Nico Antinori keeping Old Forge a step ahead throughout the match, it wasn’t until the third chukka that Balaclava really started to fight back. However, Old Forge continued the onslaught and finished the match 6 goals to 4.

The second league game was an altogether different affair with a close contest between Old Forge and Shibumi. Both teams were neck and neck until the second chukka when Shibumi managed to push ahead. Old Forge attempted to break through the opposition’s defences but were always left a goal short. Ultimately, Shibumi took the win with 5 goals to 4, which proved to be the first of many wins for this team.

Fresh from their success, the third league match saw Shibumi play a strong game against Redex.  The relatively young team, made up of Talan Dudd, Ben Barnes, Ollie Jones and Rosanna Turk, were no match for the experienced Shibumi team, who controlled the game throughout, winning 8 – 2. Next up R&R took on Balaclava in the third league game. Balaclava, held an early lead and despite R&R showing some promising play in the third chukka, finished the match in their favour with 7 goals to 5. However, R&R found their stride in the following league game against Redex, storming ahead to a 9 – 3 win.

The first Semi Final for the La Ema Polo Mallet was played on Friday 24th May, between R&R and Old Forge. Old Forge took the lead from the start, gradually pulling ahead to win 5 – 3. Later that evening Shibumi and Balaclava battled it out for the second place in the final. Shibumi kept Balaclava just out of reach with a 3 – 2 goal win, meaning they were to face Old Forge on Sunday .

The definitive La Ema Polo Mallet Final took place on the Swinhay No. 1 Ground between Old Forge and Shibumi. Old Forge took the lead, with Nico Antinori knocking through the goals and an efficient defensive team keeping Shibumi at bay. However, in the second half Mark Baldwin picked up the pace for Shibumi and in the final minutes they stole the lead from underneath Old Forge’s nose, 5 – 4. With not enough time to bring the game back under their control, Old Forge conceded the La Ema Polo Mallet to Shibumi.

In the Subsidiary Final Balaclava faced Redex. Both teams jostled for the lead in the first two chukkas, with neither side more than a goal apart. However, while Balaclava pressed down on the accelerator in the second half, Redex ran out of puff and were left in the dust at 7 – 3 by the final bell.

A big thank you goes out to The Emersons for kindly providing prizes.