The Novices Cup

Our popular Novices Cup 2 Goal started at the peak of the August heatwave. Fortunately, with the installation of a second borehole last year, our ground staff were able to effectively irrigate all our fields to keep them in top condition for two weeks of intense competition.

Mark Baldwin was the first to score for Shibumi, taking the ball from end to end to score. Sirius replied in kind in the second chukka, making it 1 – 1. In the third, Mark sent a back hand through the posts, followed by Jemima Walker securing another goal for her team, 1 – 3. Mark extended Shibumi’s lead with a penalty and although Sirius managed to find another goal in the fourth chukka, the game concluded 4 – 2.

RedX set the pace early on in their game against Tomlinson Equine, bringing the score 2 – 0 at the start of the second chukka. However, Tomlinson Equine dug deep and proceeded to steal the lead, 2 – 4 in the fourth chukka. There was a moment when RedX got to within touching distance at 3 – 4 but time ran out and Tomlinson Equine claimed their first win in this tournament.

The following day, Sirius were given another chance at victory, this time against Kencot Cavaliers. Kencot seemed to have the upper hand, at one point having 7 goals to Sirius’s 3. In an epic comeback, Sirius found their rhythm and the combined efforts of brothers Marcus and Tom Collie found another 5 goals for their team to win 8 – 7.

With the sun still burning in the sky and temperatures hovering around the thirties, the brightly coloured shirts of Otterhouse took on Fenturi. Fenturi meant business, finding a steady pace in the first chukka, scoring 3 goals to 1. Otterhouse started to claw back the deficit, but they could not catch Fenturi and they conceded defeat 5 – 9.

The blistering heat continued for Tomlinson Equine’s game against Otterhouse. Tilly Bruce scored her first goal in this tournament for Tomlinson Equine in the 3rd chukka, giving her team a 3-goal lead over Otterhouse. Despite the score finishing 7 – 2 ½ to Tomlinson Equine, this did not reflect the true nature of the game, as both teams ran end to end with equal opportunities at goal but ending in agonising near misses for Otterhouse.

Shibumi shone in their game against Kencot Calvaliers, with Mark Baldwin scoring an amazing goal from the 60 in the first chukka. Shibumi gave themselves a healthy lead in the first chukka, 4 goals to 1 and Kencot Cavaliers could not keep up, despite steadily gaining ground in the second half, and the game finished 9 – 4.

In Redx’s first chukka against Fenturi, Marcus Speed converted a penalty, followed by a goal by George Deverall, making it 2 – 0 by the first bell. Ollie Halsey scored for Fenturi but disaster struck when a big hit from George Deverall landed on Monte Grainger’s back. With Monte off to A&E (fortunately he was later confirmed as only having a nasty bruise), Chris Walker was summoned from the sidelines to sub in. With Fenturi shaken up, RedX took advantage and won 4 – 1.

The next league game for Fenturi against Tomlinson Equine was no less dramatic. Tom Jodrell started off proceedings, followed by a goal by Ed Walker to make it 2 – 0. In the second, a goal by George Meade and a penalty by Tom Coid levelled the score 2 – 2. Fenturi managed to gain a 4 – 3 lead in the second half, only to fumble a hit out allowing Tom Coid to steal the ball and score. With the threat of a fifth chukka, Tom sent a shot towards the goal but it went wide and the final bell rang. With the heat still rising and storm clouds rolling in over the horizon, a fifth chukka was abandoned on the grounds of pony welfare and the game concluded 4 – 4.

RedX had a strong game against Otterhouse for their final league game. Marcus Speed showed excellent control with the ball to score, followed by Talan Dudd taking the ball to goal for George Deverall to finish, over taking Otterhouse’s 1 ½ handicap start. Sienna scored a brilliant goal for Otterhouse in the second but RedX responded with two goals in quick succession. RedX continued their onslaught and the game concluded 8 – 3 1/2.

Storm clouds rumbling thunder accompanied the Semi Finals day of the Novices Cup. First up to fight for a place in the Final were Shibumi and RedX. The game was close throughout, with a mixture of penalties and field goals bringing the teams level 4 – 4 in the final chukka. With the seconds counting down, it was Shibumi who managed to break through the opposition’s defences and win 5 – 4.

Sirius made an impressive start in their Semi Final against Tomlinson Equine, scoring 4 goals to 0 in the first chukka alone. The second chukka was devoid of goals as both teams battled for possession, leaving the second half to be the decider. Tomlinson Equine slowly added to their scoreboard but a final goal by Tilly was not enough to win and Sirius were into the final, 5 – 3.

With a half goal handicap start to Kencot Cavaliers already in hand, they faced Fenturi for the Sub Semi Final. By the third chukka, Fenturi had gained a 6 – 2 ½ goal lead and seemed to have victory in the bag, only to have Seb Chialvo help Kencot Cavaliers storm ahead and over take in the final chukka, 6 ½ – 6, meaning they would face Otterhouse in the Subsidiary Final on Sunday.

On August 16th, Sirius and Shibumi faced off on No2 ground for the Novices Cup. Shibumi were handed a penalty 4 early in the game, only to have it impressively stopped mid air by Tom Collie. The ball rolled over the back line and Mark Baldwin was given another chance to score with a safety 60 but this also went wide. Tom then took the ball to goal, bringing it round for brother Marcus to backhand in and score. Tom followed up by robbing Mark, once again setting up the ball for Marcus to score. The brothers continued their campaign, scoring two goals each in the second chukka, bringing the score to 4 – 0. In the third, Mark Baldwin converted a penalty to add the first goal to the scoreboard for Shibumi but Tom responded with an impressive run to goal, with Baldwin nipping at his heels, and scored 5 – 1. With only a chukka left to make up the score in the fourth, Mark sent a big hit down the field, which Robbie Slatter picked out of the air to bring across the line to score. Marcus extended the lead for Sirius, 2 – 6 and a final goal from Shibumi ended the game 3 – 6.

Kencot Cavaliers took on Otterhouse for the Subsidiary of the Novices Cup. Seb Chialvo was the first to score with a huge hit that flew over all the players to find the goal. Sienna brought the ball down the field, which was picked up by Juan Ortelli and finished off by Jess Hinnaman for a great team goal for Otterhouse. With their half goal handicap start, they took back the lead 1 ½ – 1. Juan then followed up with another goal to make it 2 ½ – 1. Kencot Cavaliers were given a chance to add to their score with a penalty but a high hit by Seb just fell wide. In the second, Olivia Clowes, subbing in for Steve Corker, made it 2 – 2 ½ and Valentino followed up to make it 3 – 2 ½. By half time, Seb Chialvo had helped Kencot Cavaliers to pull away with a penalty, 4 – 2 ½. With the lead back in hand, Kencot Cavaliers held back no punches as they scored a further three goals in the 3rd chukka to bring the score to 7 – 2 ½. Otterhouse managed to find another goal to make it 7 – 3 ½ but Olivia Clowes made it 8 – 3 ½. Otterhouse gained a further two goals but a final penalty in favour of Kencot Cavaliers sealed the deal, 9 goals to 5 ½.

A big thank you goes to The Spiced Hawk, who run the Beaufort Clubhouse, for providing prizes in the form of vouchers for their new Steak Nights, taking place every Friday.