Beaufort WIP Ladies League 8 Goal

The last of the August sunshine shone for the Beaufort Women in Polo Ladies League 8 Goal held over the Bank Holiday weekend. First up in the league games were Supernova and Rex Homes. Supernova had an explosive start, scoring 3 goals in the first chukka. Rex Homes managed to reply with two goals of their own in the second but the first round concluded 3 – 2 ½. Greylands were the first to score against Supernova in the next round, but a goal from Sarah Hughes quickly brought them closer 1 – 1 1/2. Supernova then quickly overtook in the second, scoring 4 – 1 1/2, with a final goal by Claire Graham concluding the game 4 – 2 ½. The third round against Rex Homes and Greylands ended nil-nil, despite each team fighting hard to get the ball across the line. The final game was between Silverwood and Smiths Polo. Emma Wood was the first to open the account for Silverwood but Smiths quickly caught up with a penalty by Claire Brougham. In the second, Hayley Hyde-Andrews made it 2 – 1 but yet again Smiths responded, 2 – 2. Bel McLaughlin made a great run to goal, but it just rolled wide. In the third Claire made it 3 – 2, followed by Lisa Smith making it 2 – 4. Claire yet again sent the ball to goal and it was finished by Bel McLaughlin to make it 5 – 2. A penalty expertly completed by Emma Wood brought the score to 5 – 3 at the final bell.

The following day, Smiths Polo faced Supernova for the Final of the WIP Ladies 8 Goal. Karina Brown put the first goal up for Supernova, followed by a penalty sent through by Sarah Hughes to make it 2 – 0. Smiths claimed a penalty of their own to conclude the first chukka, 2 – 1. In the second, Sarah made it 3 – 1 with another penalty, with Karina extending the lead 4 – 1 in the third. Smiths managed to sneak past the Supernova defences to make it 4 -2, leaving the fourth chukka to be the decider. Neither team were able to break the other’s defences and the game ended 4 – 2.

In the Subsidiary Final Round Robin, Greylands took on Silverwood. Robyn Evans made it 1 ½ – 0 for Greylands with a penalty, followed by a goal by Emily Price and Robyn Evans to finish the first chukka 3 ½ – 0. In the second, a penalty to Greylands made it 4 ½ – 0 and a final penalty, this time to Silverwood, concluded the game 4 ½ -1. Silverwood then took on Rex Homes, where Lucy Coddington ensured her team a strong win 5 ½ – 2. In the final round, Rex Homes battled it out against Greylands. The first chukka was close, with the score finishing 2 – 1 in favour of Rex Homes. The ladies in the striking yellow shirts stormed ahead in the second, with Kate Parker concluding the match 4 – 1.

Prizes were very kindly provided by Women In Polo, with Best Playing Pony going to Boogie, played by Claire Brougham.