Intro Tournament 2020

Intro Tournament

On Saturday 5th September we hosted the first Intro Tournament of the Season. Siena Burnett was the first to score for team Barbados in the first chukka, with Sol Green scoring for Pinkneys in the second to make it 1 – 1 ½. Tom Collie helped Pinkneys take the lead in the third, but it was quickly stolen back by Barbados. Two further goals by Tom brought the score to 4 – 2 ½ but a penalty perfectly executed by Marcus Speed finished the score 4 – 3 ½, leaving it all to play for the next day.

With the score and Barbados’ half goal handicap lead carried over to the next day, both teams started on a score of 4 – 4. Once again Siena was the first to score, followed by Kaspar Budd to make it 4 – 6 to Barbados in the first chukka. The second chukka saw Pinkneys make a comeback, with a fantastic backhand by Hayley Hyde Andrews levelling the score 6 – 6. Siena put her team back in the lead in the third, but it was short lived following a penalty by Hayley. Tom then stole the lead for Pinkneys, meaning the fourth and final chukka would be the decider. Barbados levelled 8 – 8 and with the seconds counting down on the clock, Alice Playne went to score to claim victory for her team, but the final bell went before the ball could cross the line and the game ended 8 – 8.

Best Playing Pony went to Lisa Smith’s Sandy and Most Valuable Player went to Siena Burnett, with prizes kindly provided by the Beaufort Polo School.