Non-Playing Members Babdown Cup 10 Goal sponsored by Plusbac

Non-Playing Members Babdown Cup

Five strong teams were entered into our Non-Playing Members Babdown Cup 10 Goal. Everything kicked off on Sunday 6th September with Shibumi v Dawson Group. A penalty to Dawson Group, converted by Mikey Henderson followed by a field goal by Matias Amaya put them in the lead 2 – 0. Shibumi levelled by the third chukka 2 – 2 and then stole the lead in the fourth with a goal by Tom Beim. A penalty in favour of Shibumi sealed their victory 4 – 2.

The league game between Tafia Mafia and SONA Polo was a fiercely competitive match. Mark Tomlinson passed to Tommy Severn to score the first goal, which he made into a hat trick with two further goals. In the last millisecond of the chukka, Tafia Mafia managed to slot the ball through the uprights. In the second, Nina Clarkin sent a great shot, 2 – 3, but SONA Polo extended the lead, finishing the first half 5 – 2. A penalty by Mark in the second put the score at 6 – 2. Mark then subverted the Tafia Mafia defences to score but with the help of Max Hutchinson the score was 4 – 7 heading into the fourth. Tafia Mafia were dealt another blow with a goal at the start of the fourth by SONA Polo but a penalty by Dave Allen gave them hope of inching closer. Mark dashed these hopes with a field goal, extending the lead even further and a final goal by Nina ended the score 9 – 6.

Periods of bright sunshine were a welcome accompaniment to SONA Polo’s league game against Shibumi. Luke Wiles sent a cut shot to make it 1 – 0 for Shibumi, with Mark Tomlinson levelling the score 1 – 1 in the first chukka. In the second, Mark Baldwin sent through a penalty for Shibumi, however SONA Polo managed to equalize once again 2 – 2. Mark Tomlinson proved his value to the team, allowing SONA Polo to overtake 4 – 2. The final chukka was a furious battle for possession, but neither team managed to find any goals and the game concluded 4 -2.

Tafia Mafia went for the kill in their game against Silvertown Properties. Despite an early goal by Silvertown, a corner spot hit by Dave Allen, a field goal by Max Hutchinson and a further goal by Dave made it 3 – 1 in the first chukka. With the wind in their sails, Tafia Mafia shot ahead, scoring goal after goal, finishing the game 7 – 2.

The following day, Silvertown took on Dawson Group. The first chukka was a dazzling display of end to end polo. Matias scored within the first 30 seconds, followed by a dramatic goal for Silvertown when Luke Tomlinson brought the ball to goal only for it to hit the post, but was completed by sister Emma to make it 1 – 1 1/2. Mikey Henderson quickly replied for Dawson Group, only to have Silvertown overtake 2 ½ – 2. Mikey took the ball to goal once again, leaving Patrick Lodge to guide it through the posts. A further penalty by Mikey made it 4 – 2 ½. The tide then turned in Dawson Group’s favour for the remainder of the game, with the deadly combination of Matias and Mikey allowing them to storm ahead. By the final bell, the scoreboard read 12 – 5 ½.

On the 12th September, SONA Polo faced off against Dawson Group for the Final of the Non-Playing Members Babdown Cup. It was bittersweet to be playing this tournament, with no Social Members permitted to spectate the trophy named in their honour. From the hit out the game was fast and furious, with both teams hungry to win. Patrick Lodge was the first to puncture through the defences to score for Dawson Group. A penalty in favour of SONA Polo, converted by Tommy Severn, made the score 1 – 1 but Matias Amaya then deftly steered the ball past the traffic to score 2 – 1. In the second, Tommy kicked on to score two field goals, followed by bringing the ball to goal for Alex Cooper to finish, concluding the chukka 4 – 2. In the third, both teams had plenty of chances at goal but it was Mark Tomlinson who managed to send the ball across the line to score 5 – 2. Dawson Group had a chance to close the gap with a penalty, but it just went wide. A penalty to SONA Polo by Mark put them further in the lead 6 – 2. In the fourth, Matias gave one last push for Dawson Group, sending the ball whistling past the post but another goal by Tomlinson ensured a confident victory, 7 – 4.

The Subsidiary Final was a tense contest, full of dramatic polo. Dave Allen was the first to score, followed closely behind by Luke Wiles, 1 – 1. Tafia Mafia found another goal but a penalty to Shibumi, shot through by Tom Beim, levelled the score 2 – 2. In the second, Max Hutchinson pushed Tafia Mafia ahead by a nose, but a penalty to Shibumi quickly undid his hard work. To add insult to injury, Tom’s penalty soared through the air and landed on Nina Clarkin’s car! The intense play continued, resulting in Shibumi conceding a 40yrd penalty that Dave easily sent through. Tom then charged towards the goal and sent it spinning across the ground. Dom rushed in and attempted to back it away from danger but it rolled over the line. With the score level 4 – 4, Tafia Mafia started to sweat when Shibumi inched closer to the goal, with Tom sending a big hit towards the posts, and breathed a sign of relief when it went wide. Max then raced up the field from the back line to score, but this too went wide. Mark Baldwin tried to secure victory for his team, but this too shot wide of the post. With the seconds counting down, Tom ran to goal but the final bell signalled, meaning it was a draw 4 – 4.

Prizes we very generously provided by Plusbac Equine and the trophy “presented” by Sarah Frost, daughter of Yvonne Randall who kindly donated the trophy. Matias Amaya’s mare Traveca, previously owned by Sapo Caset, claimed the Polo Times Best Playing Pony and the British Polo Gin Most Valuable Player went to Tommy Severn.