Covid-19 Update: 17.09.20

In light of the recent Government announcements (see here) and the spike in coronavirus cases, we want to reiterate some key protocols:


  • We would appreciate it if there were no spectators at games, including family, with only essential personnel permitted when polo is being played. As soon as your game finishes, please leave promptly and do not stay behind to watch games after yours


  • When in the pony lines and changing ponies, grooms MUST wear a face covering. In any other situations where social distancing measures cannot be applied or are difficult, face coverings must be worn


  • Teams must appoint a Covid Marshall responsible for the Team’s Social Distancing and wearing of face covering. If there is evidence of abuse of the above the team Captain may be subject to an immediate fine of up to £500 payable before the next game. The Covid Marshall is responsible for ensuring that players return to collect any drinks between chukkas from the team area or tent and that drink containers etc are not handled by other persons/nonfamily members


  • Social Media: In order to protect the image of Beaufort Polo Club and the sport of polo as a whole, we ask that when you post to Social Media that your post can not be interpreted in a way that could damage the reputation of the Club and the sport


  • No handshaking, especially at the end of the game. Touch sticks or express your thanks without breaking social distancing guidelines


  • Clubhouse: Please respect the rules clearly stated at the Clubhouse, including keeping to maximum groups of 6. Any questions please email


For a full list of our protocols, please click here.


While these measures may seem strict, they are essential to ensure a successful end to the season following so much hard work by all of you and our team. It also protects the NHS, our local community, people’s health, as well as the Sport as a whole.


For any questions on the above, please contact or visit our website: