Ladies 12 Goal sponsored by Jen Winnett Art

After days of persistent rain, there was finally some respite for the first league game of the Ladies 12 Goal. The first chukka for Ice Lolly’s v CBAS was without goals, as both teams chased the ball up and down the field but held up strong defences. In the second, Lolly Stanhope-White sent through a penalty for her team, with CBAS replying to level the score 1 – 1. Another penalty to Ice Lolly’s put them in front in the third, only to have Rebecca Walters send through a penalty for CBAS. By the fourth, Ice Lolly’s had extended their lead, 4 – 2, however, an under the neck shot by Rebecca and another penalty meant the score was tied at 4 – 4. In the final 30 seconds of the game, Ice lolly’s kept their cool to score 5 – 4 and win.

CBAS took on Cross Country Medical in their second league game. In the first chukka, Farida Baldacchino had a chance at goal with penalty, but it went wide and it ended without goals for either side. CBAS added to their tally in the second but an own goal unfortunately put the score at 1 – 1. They took back the lead with a penalty to finish the first half 2 – 1. Cross Country Medical quickly levelled in the third, and Rosanna Turk forged ahead to put them in the lead 5 – 2. CBAS started to claw back the deficit in the fourth, with Lynne Patmore bringing the ball to goal for Farida to finish, 5 – 4. Unfortunately, it was not enough to win and Cross Country Medical were the winners.

With a bitter chill in the air, Ice Lolly’s took on Cross Country Medical on Boundary ground. Lolly scored first with a penalty, followed by Robyn Evans with a field goal. In the next three chukkas, both teams hunted the ball up and down the field, but neither could squeeze past the other and the game concluded 2 – 0.

The Final between Ice lolly’s and Cross Country Medical was in far fairer weather than the previous game. The first chukka was without goals, as both teams fought hard for possession. The second chukka saw Ice Lolly’s pull ahead with three consecutive goals. A penalty by Rosanna Turk in the third chukka, followed by a field goal a second before the final bell, brought XC Medical within a nose of the opposition. With it all to play for in the fourth chukka, both teams fought for possession, but it was the Ice Lolly’s who didn’t melt under pressure and concluded the game 5 – 2. Prizes were very kindly provided by Jen Winnett Art, a local watercolour artist specialising in eco-friendly products.