The Henderson Rosebowl 2017

The weather was bleak from the onset of Sunday 23rd July but in spite of this our teams rolled in prepared to still give their best in the battle for first, second, third and fourth places in the tournament finals.

Our subsidiary final was held in the morning at the most gruesomely wet part of the day and saw Kencot Cavaliers take the win for third place in a final score of 5 to 3 ½ in their favour against Cross Country Clinics. Cross Country Clinics kept up a strong play in return to Kencot’s advances through the second chukka for Kencot to secure their lead in the third and stick to the defensive to preserve the score through to the final hooter.

Following a brief interlude of one of our Bat Cup League Games the final was held next in the dry weather bringing a much cheerier crowd of spectators and players! The Final was between Tutofirish and Balaclava who each gave a level challenge to the other team through the first two chukkas with Balaclava pulling ahead to a score of 4 – 1 in the third chukka; despite Tutofirish’s best efforts, they drew the score in closer to 4-3 (in Balaclava’s favour) but couldn’t quite take over leaving the score as mentioned at the bell. Therefore, we congratulate Piers Heelis’ Balaclava as this year’s Henderson Rosebowl winners; Edward Walker (standing in for Zac Beim), Dominic Lodge, David Allen and Piers Heelis himself, a very well done.

Everyone who attended be it as a spectator, a player, an umpire or part of the working team deserves massive thanks as usual but also please know our vast appreciation for your support and hard work in even the worst weather moments; the club would not be the same without the community presence.


Finalist Teams with Lynn Heffron. Balaclava in red/white and Tutofirish in green (Nicholson Boyd, Janie Jackson and Olly Tuthill missing their 4th Henry Jones)
The Henderson Rosebowl Trophy
The winning team; Balaclava (from left) Dominic Lodge, Edward Walker, Piers Heelis and Dave Allen.
Team Captain Piers Heelis accepting the Henderson Rosebowl from Lynn Heffron
A very rainy play from Cross Country Clinics in the subsidiary final.
A goal by Ben Wilson for the Kencot Cavaliers in the subsidiary final.
The soggy, muddy but still smiling subsidiary final winners, Kencot Cavaliers. From left: Ben Wilson, Sarah Hughes, Steve Corker, and Matt Evetts
An action shot of the Henderson Rosebowl Final between Balaclava and Tutofirish