The Novices Cup 2017

The tournament saw ten teams enter who fought their way through the league games to see Beaufort Hunt and Supernova play the wee boys final, Smart Clinics and Cross Country Medical reach the subsidiary final, and Tayto and Los Chinos the final. The winners of this years Novices Cup Tournament were Los Chinos; congratulations are due to Alison Clark, Zac Beim, Tom Beim and Matt Simpson who together took a 2 ½ goal lead in the final chukka against Tayto. Tayto played off a half goal handicap and keept scores relatively equal in the first chukka, albeit, Los Chinos pulled ahead in the second and third and kept their lead through the fourth despite a fight back from Tayto who just didn’t quite shut the gap.

The subsidiary final was taken by Cross Country Medical with a massive lead of 4 goals in a final score of 5-1. Smart Clinics took the first goal of the match which must have fuelled the Cross Country team’s competitiveness as they levelled the score and then just kept on scoring! The Wee Boys Final showed a slightly slower start but the goals began to roll in in the 3rd chukka to finish at 3 ½ to 1 in favour of Beaufort Hunt.

As always it was a pleasure to host such a busy tournament and we were delighted to have continued support at our games from marvellous spectators and such astounding performances from all our teams. We always welcome and are extremely thankful to have help from our scoreboard dream team Ali and Phil Foster and our lovely photographer Gorden Ell who willingly sacrifice their own time to help make our matches great. Thank you all for the joint team work, support and backing providing us such a great atmosphere to really enjoy the games!

Winners of the Novices Cup 2017; Los Chinos. From Left: Tom Beim, Zac Beim, Alison Clark and Matt Simpson
Alison Clark (team Capt.) at prize giving with Caspar West, club manager.
Finalist team, Tayto. From Left: Saffron Hutchinson, Gina Hutchinson, Rupert Lewis and Stephen Hutchinson
Stephen Hutchinson (team Capt.) at prize giving with Caspar West, club manager. [Background: scoreboard displaying final scores]
The Novices Cup 2017 team line up. Tayto (left) v Los Chinos (right)