The Justerini & Brooks Prince of Wales Cup 2018

The opening game of the tournament saw a fierce battle between Coppid Owls and Confido. Coppid Owls would take the initial lead with two goals courtesy of Tristan Phillimore – including a penalty shot from 30 yards. However, Creighton Boyd responded by braking free and scoring. Favour stayed with Coppid Owls into the third chukka as they took their tally to four goals. The tide turned as Confido retaliated with a further three goals; Shaun Brokensha scored the fourth – a fast, break away goal from 60 yards, which Nina Clarkin could only chase down in vain. Creighton Boyd followed this up with an impressive cut shot making it 5 – 3. Jacinto Crotto sealed victory with another goal and as the bell signalled close of play the final score was 6 – 4 to Confido.

This set the tone for the tournament as Confido went on to defeat Justerini & Brooks and go straight to their semi-final having won both of their league games. Meanwhile Justerini & Brooks would claim a decisive victory over a Manton Estate Racing, as Coppid Owls defeated Taittinger.

Tuesday 26th June would pitch Tomlinson against Tomlinson as Taittinger and Manton Estate Racing went toe-to-toe in a fast-paced and exciting game. The latter would lead from the off, claiming the opening goal and taking the score to 4 goals to two by half time. Taittinger were given more work to do as Manton Estate Racing notched up a further two goals. Taittinger rallied to score two more goals in the final chukka, but Manton sealed victory with a seventh goal – the final score 7 – 4.

The first of the Semi-Finals saw Confido and Coppid Owls face each other once again. With just one goal scored in the first chukka, Confido then took their lead to 3 -1 by half time, as JP Clarkin claimed a penalty shot. They then took their score to four goals in the third chukka, but Coppid Owls fought back to score twice in the final chukka. However, as the bell sounded signalling the close of play they were still one goal short and Confido once again victorious.

The following Semi Final in which Justerini & Brooks faced Manton Estate Racing made for a fast and exciting game. Justerini & Brooks dominated the first half as Mikey Henderson put the ball between the posts twice in the first chukka followed by a third speedy goal in the second whilst Luke Tomlinson recorded three perfect penalties. A foul by Manton allowed Matias Amaya to take the score to 5 – 4; Freddie then executed an impressive offside shot to draw level, swiftly followed by Luke taking the ball from line up to goal in swift style. Mark Baldwin then followed this up with a shot straight through and between the uprights on the cry of the claxon. Justerini & Brooks then missed a penalty, but Henderson went on to score. Another penalty in the favour of Justerini & Brooks allowed them to draw level; but an eighth goal for Manton Estate Racing allowed them to inch ahead and ultimately claim victory.

Saturday 30th June dawned, and it would be a day of glorious sunshine and two magnificent matches to decide the winners of the Justerini & Brooks Prince of Wales Cup. First up, the final between Confido and Manton Estate Racing. Confido would get off to a brilliant start taking the score to 2- 0 courtesy of Tom Beim, as Manton’s Mark Baldwin could only send an opportunity wide. Jacinto Crotto then added to their tally with an impressive cut shot at an acute angle to start the second chukka, this was followed by an excellent goal from Manton’s Freddie Meade as he travelled the ball through the players and between the uprights. Confido acquired a fourth goal as Manton were awarded a penalty taken by Luke Tomlinson – Confido then fouled again resulting in an undefended penalty, which Luke Tomlinson sent soundly through the uprights. As the half time bell sounded the score was 4 – 2 to Confido. Tom Beim started the second half for Confido with a penalty, Freddie Meade sent a chance for Manton wide, and Jacinto Crotto followed with another penalty taking Confido to a score of 6 – 4. However, Manton rallied to add two more goals to their tally. Manton Estate Racing battled back in the fourth chukka to claim 6 goals, and all of a sudden they were within touching distance of Confido. They played with intensity in the dying seconds of the chukka and as the clock counted down to 10 seconds left it was Mark Baldwin who chased the ball through the goal just as the bell sounded. It was a draw, 7 – 7 and meant it was sudden death into a fifth chukka. A 60-yard penalty was quickly awarded in Manton’s favour, but Luke Tomlinson sent it wide; followed by Mark Baldwin sending an opportunity begging. It looked like Manton’s magic had faded in the heat as Jacinto Crotto took control of the ball, having demonstrated his ‘five goals of argentine magic’ throughout the match, but suddenly it was snatched by Luke Tomlinson who took it to goal and midst the ensuing chaos it was Mark Baldwin who broke free and scored, claiming victory for Manton Estate Racing.

Best playing pony was awarded to Peter Baldwin’s Apple, played by Mark Baldwin and Jacinto Crotto was presented with the prize for most valuable player.

The Subsidiary Final pitched Justerini & Brooks against Taittinger. Mikey Henderson got J&B off to what seemed to be a flying start but chased by Mark Tomlinson he could not find the target. Taittinger then proceeded to dominate the play as Mark Tomlinson spun and pivoted on the ball, keeping it within his team’s possession. Mikey Henderson seized the opportunity to level the scores at the start of the second chukka, but Taittinger pulled ahead as Tomlinson ran the ball to goal for Luke Wiles to finish, followed up by William Emerson with an impressive nearside, under the neck shot. At half time Taittinger led by 3 goals to 1. In the third chukka only one goal was claimed, but once again by Taittinger. Henderson skilfully intercepted a penalty from Mark Tomlinson, but in vain as William Emerson completed the goal. The final chukka would see Justerini & Brooks once again concede a penalty to Tomlinson, but this was followed by some impressive play from J&B as they fought back scoring following a tussle on the line with Mark Tomlinson. Mikey Henderson then scored two successive goals, but it was too little too late as the claxon sounded, calling close of play and a final score of 5 – 4 to Taittinger.


Huge thanks go to Justerini & Brooks Wine and Spirit Merchants who sponsored this tournament and provided fantastic prizes. We look forward to welcoming them back for their second sponsored tournament, the Arthur Lucas Cup.