The Richard Underwood Cup 2018

Smart Medics and Lutheridge were the first to start proceedings for The Richard Underwood Cup. The first chukka saw goal time for both teams in equal measure, but a stronger Lutheridge pulled ahead by two at the conclusion of the first half and in the third chukka they increased this lead to three. Smart Medics hit back in the final chukka, but time was against them and as the final bell sounded they were short by one goal.

The next match would pitch Old Forge against Shibumi and the former would lead from the off, opening their account with two goals to none in the first chukka. This was followed by doubling their score by half time, as Shibumi put the ball between the uprights just once. They claimed a goal apiece in the third and Shibumi would go on to score another in the fourth chukka, but ultimately victory went to Old Forge with a score of 5 – 3.

Saturday 23rd June saw a close battle between Four Suits and Pinckneys Gin. Four Suits took the initiative in the first chukka, claiming four goals to a single goal in response. However, by the conclusion of the first half Pinckneys Gin had rallied to draw level with end-to-end goals. It was all to play for in the second half as Four Suits scored a further two times to pull ahead by two. Pinckneys Gin would score in the final chukka, but by close of play they were still just one behind.

This was followed by a very close match with Four Suits and Shibumi. The opening chukka saw Four Suits once again take the initial lead, claiming two goals; however, by half time Shibumi had drawn level with both teams on a score of three. They were evenly matched throughout the second half, but Shibumi managed to score a decisive goal to win by one.

The final would see Silvertown Properties face Hascombe Stud. Mikey Henderson in his urgency to maintain possession of the ball in the first chukka took a tumble over the boards. However, Silvertown Properties took advantage of a second chance at the ball and it was swiftly stolen by Olivia Hutchinson to score. Hascombe then scored to level and then took the lead with a second goal orchestrated by Tom Beim, followed by an epic shot from Zac Beim to finish the opening chukka 3 -1. Following a tussle for possession Zac charged up the field to score again, ending the first half on 4 -1 to Hascombe. The third chukka saw a spot penalty to Silvertown, masterfully tapped in by Henderson and in the following chukka a swift turn allowed him to run unchallenged to goal allowing Silvertown to snap at the heels of Hascombe. However, Tom Beim rebuilt the two goal lead with a smooth penalty followed by another goal from Zac, despite being chased down by Silvertown. Tom Beim then rounded off the final with concluding goal to finish on a score of 7 goals to 3 to Hascombe Stud.

The subsidiary final put Lutheridge head to head with Pinckneys Gin. A strong hit by Roddy Stanning allowed Chris Walker to open the account for Lutheridge; Walker following this up with a second moment of goal time. Dominic Lodge set up a third goal to be claimed by Roddy. Pinckneys single goal of the match came courtesy of quick play by David Allen, with Dom David finishing the move. Lutheridge would continue to pull further ahead throughout the second half with Lodge picking the ball out of the air and driving it down the field, allowing Roddy to seal the deal, 6 -1 to Lutheridge.