The Kernow Cup 2018

The Kernow Cup

Under thundering clouds Noon Giraffe had a successful start to their Kernow Cup campaign with a strong win against Balaclava. Despite a positive start for Balaclava, who scored the first goal, Noon Giraffe replied with two goals before the bell rang for the end of the first. This then spurred them on to a 7 – 3 victory. Mark Baldwin kicked off the second match with a goal for Shibumi, but Rosanna Turk replied with a great goal for Santana. Shibumi kicked on to score three goals served by Ben Wilson and Mark Baldwin, earning them the win. The thundering clouds became torrential rain and lightning which unfortunately cancelled play for the third match, meaning Noon Giraffe and Shibumi sailed to the Final.

In the Final a slight delay saw Polo Manager Caspar West having to step in for the 1st Chukka to replace a delayed Freddie Meade dashing from one of the Manton Racing Estate’s victorious horses at Epsom. Throughout Noon Giraffe and Shibumi remained closely matched with no goals by the end of the first chukka. Shibumi pulled ahead slightly with a goal from Mark Baldwin in the second, but it wasn’t until the third chukka, when there was a flurry of action with both teams scoring goals, bringing the score 3 – 2 to Noon Giraffe. The fourth chukka saw excellent attacking form from Shibumi, however, just as Mark Baldwin raced towards goal to bring them level but time was to run out as the final bell went, meaning it was Noon Giraffe who took the win.

In the Subsidiary Final, Miguel Delia and Ollie Jones took Santana into the lead by the end of the first chukka. Balaclava fought back in the next chukkas with goals from Dave Allen and Lachie Gilmore, allowing them to overtake by half time. However, their time in front was short lived. In the second half, Santana over took 7 – 5 to seal victory.

As always the Kernow Cup was very kindly supported by our time keepers Ali and Phil Foster, bringing Cornwall to the Cotswolds with their traditional Cornish prizes and cream teas in aid of the RDA.