The ‘La Ema’ Polo Mallet 2018

The ‘La Ema’ Polo Mallet

The La Ema Polo Mallet started with home team win, with Pinckneys Beaufort taking the lead with 7 – 5 1/2 against X Country Medics, thanks in part to Ben Wilson’s series of goals. The second league match saw the Meade brothers going head to head, with George Meade scoring for Tyrone in the first chukka. However, Freddie Meade was not about to be outdone and opened the second chukka with Shibumi’s first goal, which spurred them on to a 6 – 4 win.

The third match was played on the newly named Swinhay No1 Field. It proved fitting that this would be the stage for another home team win for Pinckneys Beaufort. Yet again, Ben Wilson proved his worth, taking the team to an early lead in the first Chukka. Polo Manager Caspar West opened the second chukka with a text book goal, taking the ball from the 60 yard line, breaking from the rest of the field to keep Pinckneys in the lead. However, Tyrone had closed the gap by the third chukka taking the score to 4 -5. Pinckneys then upped their game, storming ahead to score two more goals in the final chukka earning them a clear  4 – 7 win.

On Thursday 24th May, Shibumi met with X Country Medics for a very close match with the two teams staying neck and neck throughout. However, in the third chukka Shibumi fought back to claim the win 7 – 6 meaning they were to face Pinckneys Beaufort on Sunday.

In the penultimate match, Mark Baldwin kicked off the game with the first goal for Shibumi, closely followed by a goal from Caspar West for Pinckneys Beaufort to level up the scores. A flurry of goals from Ben Wilson and Mark Baldwin were keeping the teams very close by half time. However, Pinckneys Beaufort showed their home team spirit with two goals in the fourth and final chukka to win not only the game but the La Ema Polo Mallet itself. Thanks go to Jilly Emerson who very kindly presented the trophy and provided prizes to the team.

The final game of the La Ema to decide the 4th and 3rd places , several goals from Lachie Gilmore ensured that Tyrone held level with X Country Medics by half time. However, X Country Medics pulled away in the final two chukkas to get themselves the third place prize, 3 goals to 6.