The Babdown Cup 2017

The Non-Playing Members Tournament for the Babdown Cup Tournament Summary 2017

The Non-Playing Members Tournament for the Babdown Cup saw four teams enter including Tayto, Balaclava, Vampire Bats and visiting team from Ireland, Tyrone. The teams engaged in play to fight for a place in the final and a chance at the win. The final was between Tayto and Vampire Bats and the subsidiary between Tyrone and Balaclava to end up; first Tayto, second Vampire Bats, third Tyrone and fourth Balaclava.

Tayto v Vampire Bats; the two teams have met head to head many a time and they always promise a competitive show leaving the matches very close as tension builds. The game saw goals played one for one each team taking their turn at being in the lead. With the fourth chukka ending on 4 all the game fell to a fifth chukka of sudden death. It is in this fast paced final chukka that Tayto took the final goal to finish the match on 5-4 and win the tournament.

The subsidiary final between Tyrone and Balaclava was another close match raising the words ‘5th chukka’ as the fourth began and lasted some minutes with a tied score of 3 all. Tyrone, however, managed to find that 4th goal before the hooter, making them the winners and taking third place in the tournament. Prizes for the subsidiary were presented by Louise Randall daughter of Mrs Randall who originally donated the Babdown Cup. The prizes for the final were presented by Sarah Frost her other daughter, we were very thankful for their attendance again this year and so grateful for their help with presentations it always makes the tournaments come together with familiar supportive faces.


Finalist Teams Tayto (left) and Vampire Bats (right) with Sarah Frost (centre)
Tayto celebrating with the Babdown Cup. From Left: Mikey Henderson, Rupert Lewis, Stephen Hutchinson and Olly Tuthill
Stephen Hutchinson with Sarah Frost at prize giving post match.
The Babdown Cup kindly donated by Mrs Randall
Subsidiary final winners, Tyrone with Louise Randall.
Subsidiary finalist teams, Tyrone (left) and Balaclava (right) with Louise Randall (centre)
Subsidiary finalist team Balaclava. From Left: Piers Heelis, Evelyn Williams, Roddy Stanning and Nico Antinori