The Somerville Livingston-Learmonth Trophy

The Somerville Livingstone-Learmonth Trophy Tournament Summary 2017

The Somerville Livingston-Learmonth Trophy welcomed 5 teams to Beaufort Polo Club between the 15th and 20th August 2017. Jenkinson and Vampire Bats were the two surviving teams in the final. Vampire Bats took the lead for the first two and a half Chukkas until Jenkinson found their fighting spirit and gave a hard push back, taking the fourth chukka to a near score at 4 all until Jenkinson achieved a quick fifth goal meaning an extra chukka was avoided as the conclusion was met; Jenkinson were the winners of the Somerville Livingstone-Learmonth Trophy for 2017.

The subsidiary final brought together Smart Clinics and Balaclava. Both teams previous games had concluded with very close scores leading to some nerves as to who would pull ahead for their final play in this tournament. Smart Clinics took an early lead in the first chukka, followed by a second chukka where no teams scored but thus solidifying their lead. During the third Balaclava made an intimidating advance but with Smart Clinics scoring a further three goals on top of their three scored in that first chukka there was no denying their lead; on the final hooter, the winner was clear as the score fell at an impressive 6-2 in Smart Clinics’ favour.


Team Jenkinson (winners) proudly holding the Somerville Livingstone-Learmonth Trophy
Finalist Teams desperate to get out of the rain after Prize giving. Jenkinson (green) from left: Mikey Henderson, Jonny Coddington, Katie Jenkinson, and Tom Peterson. Vampire Bats (black) from left: Peter Baldwin, Tom Beim, Shaun Brokensha and Rory Sweet
Skipper of the Jenkinson team Katie Jenkinson receiving the Somerville Livingstone-Learmonth Trophy
Subsidiary finalist teams. Balaclava (black) from left: Dave Allen, Caspar West, Piers Heelis and Jack Aldridge. Centre: Zsa Zsa Hermeth. Smart Clinics (navy/white) from Left: Matt Evetts, Ollie Jones and Ben Barnes, (Matt Simpson absent)