The Walter Bull & Son Solitaire Salver 2017

The Walter Bull & Son Solitaire Salver Tournament Summary 2017

Despite some horrific weather during the week leaving us really feeling like winter had come early and brought the end of season into perspective our fantastic players, their ponies and teams all rallied to bring us the Solitaire Salver finals on Sunday 10th September. It is a pleasure as a club to welcome back familiar players and spectators and we are always thankful for the wealth of support everyone shows through participation, backing, and encouragement (especially even in our most temperamental climatic moments!)

The final pulled together Vampire Bats and Walker Construction. Vampire Bats took two goals quickly in the first chukka with Walker Construction beginning the second chukka with a feisty return goal. It was from the third chukka that Vampire Bats really enforced their prowess and took the lead and eventually the win at a final score of 6-1 in their favour. Despite Walker Construction’s gallant defensive techniques which steered away a fair few goals, Vampire Bats had an equally good defensive play yet Walker Construction made some striking plays and several goal attempts but unfortunately went sorrowfully missed.

The subsidiary final was played early on Sunday meaning, whilst the weather remained dry, thus pleasing participants all round. This meant nothing sullied the players spirit’s, making for a very close, competitive match. The scores became level at 7 all in the fourth chukka after the whistle blew for a penalty a half-moment before the hooter rang clear thus Kencot had levelled the playing yet again and a sudden death fifth chukka was initiated. Kencot Cavaliers had taken an early leading giving the impression that it may be an easy win for them until the third chukka, when Smart Clinics returned to the second half with a vengeance and keen to reduce that goal difference and pit for the win. It was in that fateful fifth chukka that Kencot Cavaliers slipped in the first goal and so took the win of the Solitaire salver subsidiary final.


Winners Vampire Bats. From Left: Shaun Brokensha, Milo Sweet, Melissa Walker, Ollie Fanshawe and Matt Evetts
Winners of Subsidiary Final Kencot Cavaliers. From Left: Steve Corker, Peter Baldwin, Ali Foster, Mark Baldwin and Ben Wilson
Prizes kindly donated by Walter Bull & Son